Get a Perfect Bikini Body—We Can Help!

Get a Perfect Bikini Body—We Can Help!

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Get a Perfect Bikini Body—We Can Help!

It’s officially upon us all: bikini season. As frightening as those words may be, don’t retreat yet! Whether it’s a skimpy bikini or a sassy one-piece number you’re dreaming of donning this summer on the water’s edge, CosMedics can help you achieve your goal.


Getting Smooth and Sexy

We don’t know about you, but one of our most dreaded summer chores here at CosMedics is shaving. Actually, we should probably say it was one of most dreaded chores, because with laser hair removal, we don’t have to do it anymore! If you’ve been wondering and debating with friends about whether laser hair removal is the way to go, stop talking and get yourself over here—you won’t regret it.

Laser hair removal uses laser energy to loosen the hair on your body and disable the cells responsible for hair growth. We use an intense, specific laser system that works a lot faster than most others: you can get your legs treated in just 30 minutes. Smaller areas like the underarms and the bikini line take even less time. Worried about the sensation? It’s not as bad as you think. Laser hair removal has been likened to the feeling of a snapping rubber band—it happens quickly, and any soreness or redness associated with the treatment usually subsides in a day or two. Because hair grows in different stages, you’ll need to come in for a few treatments, but after that, your hair growth will be kept at bay for as long as two years! (We usually recommend yearly maintenance sessions to stay as soft and smooth as possible.)


Eliminating Your “Worry Spots”

We’ve all gotten bumps and scrapes throughout our lives, or gone through big changes like having children. If scarring or stretch marks have you scared to show off your bathing suit, you’re not alone. And our Alma Pixel® stretch mark and scar treatment can significantly reduce the appearance of both. It’s a full-package deal, which includes a few different steps: laser treatment, microdermabrasion and chemical peels for the skin, and topical and oral medications to enhance skin rejuvenation. Here’s what some of our results look like:

Make this the year that you finally rid yourself of any reasons not to go out, enjoy the summer weather, and show off your beautiful body (and your beautiful bikini)!

What’s your favourite place to bikini shop? Have you found any great deals on designer swimwear? Share your summer shopping secrets with us!

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