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Although acne is most associated with the teen years, many adults are affected by it, too. Mild, occasional breakouts can often be controlled by over-the-counter treatments, but severe or chronic cases require more comprehensive care. The acne experts at our medi spa in Edmonton have the skills and the knowledge to help you or your teen overcome acne and manage it for life. Here, get the answers to the questions asked most frequently by our acne treatment patients.

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Common Questions

How is adolescent acne different from adult acne?

Many different factors are to blame for the development of acne, but hormonal fluctuations are the primary cause. These fluctuations stimulate the skin to produce oil, or sebum. Too much sebum can clog pores, creating a hospitable environment for bacteria to grow. The addition of these bacteria can inflame the congested pores, causing the development of acne. Although the hormonal fluctuations responsible for acne peak during adolescence, they can continue into adulthood. Adult acne can also be exacerbated by stress, the menstrual cycle, genetics, medications, and other factors.

How do I know if it’s time to see a doctor about my acne?

Most people experience mild acne breakouts from time to time, so you may be unsure about when it’s appropriate to seek clinical treatment. A consultation at our  acne clinic and medical spa in Edmonton may be appropriate if you meet any of the following criteria:

  • Your acne hurts. Certain types of acne can cause painful cysts or nodules on or just beneath the skin. Although this kind of acne is difficult to treat at home, the experts at CosMedics have both practical experience and an array of effective options to address stubborn cystic acne.
  • You’ve tried over-the-counter remedies. It’s easy to become discouraged when you feel like you’ve tried every acne treatment the drugstore has to offer. If over-the-counter treatments are not giving you the results you want, a visit to CosMedics can help. We offer topical treatments that aren’t available in stores, as well as leading-edge procedures administered by our trained medical staff.
  • You’re suffering. Occasional blemishes likely don’t have much impact on your self-esteem, but chronic or severe breakouts can take a toll over time. If your acne is a major source of stress, embarrassment, or depression, our doctors and medical staff can help you regain control over your skin and get back to doing the things you love.

Which of CosMedics’ acne treatments are right for me?

We offer many different options to treat acne, and the one that’s right for you is dependent on many factors, including the severity of your case, your lifestyle, the cause of your acne, and more. Our treatments include:

Your acne treatment plan in Edmonton may include one or a combination of these options. Dr. Singh and our medical staff are excited to help you reveal and maintain a beautiful, clear complexion.

Is acne treatment painful?

Although we offer many different treatment options, none of our techniques or procedures are excessively painful. Some topical treatments, such as chemical peels, may burn or sting and cause brief discomfort. If you’re worried about pain, be sure to discuss your concerns with Dr. Singh. He helps you choose from CosMedics’ gentle, minimally invasive treatment options, and he keeps you fully informed of what to expect throughout the treatment process.

Will people be able to tell that I’m undergoing acne treatment?

Severe acne can cause embarrassment, so it’s normal to feel self-conscious about pursuing acne treatment. Many procedures are performed in the privacy of our Edmonton office, and at-home regimens take the place of your normal skincare routine. In many cases, your acne will gradually clear over time. Most people will notice a difference once your acne has cleared, but the treatments themselves are generally discreet.

What if my acne comes back?

In addition to acne treatment plans, Dr. Singh and his staff offer guidance to help you maintain your results with good habits and an effective at-home routine. If, over time, your acne begins to reappear, you may return to CosMedics for additional treatment. Dr. Singh may use a different approach when treating your acne the second time.


Our Team

  • Dr. Ashwani K. Singh, M.D, C.C.F.P, F.C.F.P
    Dr. Ashwani K. Singh, M.D, C.C.F.P, F.C.F.P
    Medical Director

    Dr. Singh is one of Canada’s most recognized injectors for injectable anti-aging cosmetic procedures. He is also a National Trainer for Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm.

  • Meet the Team
    Meet the Team

    The staff at CosMedics is a team of highly skilled physicians, estheticians, nurses, and guest services that deliver unparalled services delivering exceptional results.


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