Bad Beauty Habits to Kick in 2015

Bad Beauty Habits to Kick in 2015

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It is that time of year. You know, when we all promise to eat better, sleep more, yadda yadda. While you are adding some positive new habits, how about breaking some bad beauty habits. Here are our top 3 to start with:

1. Night Owl

We get it, you’re busy. At the end of a hectic day all you want to do is hop into bed. However going to bed without washing and moisturizing your skin will accelerate aging more than you realize. Redness, blotchiness, deeper wrinkles, acne, most of your skin care woes could be avoided or at least reduced if you implement a proper night time regime. Plus, removing your make up and environmental stressors from your skin help your skincare products be better absorbed.


2. Go On, Get Out

While it is ok to like to spend time outdoors and enjoy the sun, it is not okay to skip the sunscreen. This is something that we should be teaching our kids so it becomes routine just like brushing their teeth. To make it easy to remember, buy a moisturizer with a spf of 15 or higher already built in, and add to your coverage  by using a foundation with an spf. Jane Iredale’s pressed powder has an spf of 20, even their lipsticks have an spf!


3. Back Away….Slowly

Back away from that pimple. The urge to “pop” a pimple is just to tempting for most of us, yes, it can cause an immediate sense of satisfaction, but did you know that it can cause scarring, additional breakouts and delayed healing. Leave acne treatments to the professionals. If you suffer from acne, whether mild, moderate or severe, seek treatment that works. Chemical Peels, Facials, Blu-u, there are a variety of treatments available to eliminate acne (and that tempting pimple) in the first place.


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