BOTOX® or Acupuncture for Pain?

BOTOX® or Acupuncture for Pain?

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Both BOTOX® and acupuncture treatments can be beneficial for people who experience certain types of pain, such as frequent headaches or TMJ (temporomandibular joint) pain. Which treatment you choose may depend on the level of your pain, type of pain, and your personal preference. I welcome questions about acupuncture or BOTOX in Edmontoncontact me today.


Acupuncture is a modality originating in Oriental medicine. This holistic option consists of the insertion of very fine needles into specific points on the body, encouraging the flow of qi (energy). More than 1,000 points have been mapped out over the last 2500 years. Recent research has been able to confirm the existence as well as the location of many of these points. At CosMedics, we perform acupuncture to treat various types of chronic pain, from migraines to sciatica, as well as other conditions.

Patients often worry that the treatment will cause pain when they learn that needles are involved. However, because of the way that the needles are formed and the insertion point, the treatment is relaxing and usually results in a feeling of warmth or tingling. In fact, the Chinese word for acupuncture, “butong,” means “painless.”


Chronic pain can impact us physically and emotionally, resulting in depression, fatigue, and a hopeless feeling. TMJ pain can be particularly devastating, making even basic functions such as talking, eating, and swallowing uncomfortable. We offer hope, however, for our patients by offering BOTOX for TMJ pain at my Edmonton practice.

You probably are familiar with BOTOX Cosmetic, a version of the product that treats facial wrinkles. But in different formulations, BOTOX can offer relief to patients suffering from conditions such as frequent headaches, migraines, TMJ pain, and more.

In the case of TMJ pain, the causes may vary. However, it appears that muscles required for jaw movement may become enlarged, particularly in the case of patients who grind or clench their teeth. By injecting BOTOX into those muscles, we can decrease the power with which those muscles contract and reduce pain.

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