Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels

Improve the appearance of your skin with a chemical peel. Edmonton CosMedics’ spa services offer chemical peel treatments, including lactic acid, salicylic and glycolic peels, to enhance your skin on your face, neck, and hands. This spa treatment is for those wanting to reduce the look of wrinkles, acne, acne scars and other skin blemishes.

What is a Chemical Peel?

The first step to any advanced skin care treatment, including a chemical peel for acne, scars or wrinkles, starts with a consultation with Dr. Singh. Dr. Singh  will look at your specific skin condition and address your concerns. He  might recommend a certain type of treatment, like a glycolic peel, salicylic or lactic acid peel, depending on your condition and specific needs.

During the procedure, a chemical solution will be applied to your skin. The chemical will cause your skin to blister or crust and peel off, leaving a clear surface for new and regenerated skin to grow in its place. The new skin will usually be less wrinkled and damaged compared to the top layers of skin that have peeled away. Many patients experience an improvement in their skin’s tone, texture, and colour of the treated area, and are pleased with the look of their beautiful new skin.

What skin issues can be helped by chemical peels?

You can have a chemical peel for wrinkles, acne and acne scars, hyperpigmentation, melasma, sun damaged skin and to reduce the appearance of minor scars. Dr. Singh  will help you determine if your condition can be improved with this skin care treatment.

Do chemical peels hurt?

You might feel a stinging sensation, as the skin will blister and peel off, but they generally do not cause a lot of pain. There are varying degrees of chemical peel treatments and how your skin will react and heal depends on the type and intensity of the peel you receive.

Salicylic or lactic acid peels are the gentlest and least invasive type of treatment compared to glycolic peels. They are often referred to as the ‘lunchtime peel’ because they have become a popular choice for people on the go! These peels are superficial and target the outer layer of skin to gently exfoliate it, smooth rough or wrinkled skin and give it a refreshed look. You might experience redness, itchiness, and irritation a few days after the treatment.

If you require a deeper treatment, a glycolic peel might be recommended. This type of peel penetrates the outer and middle layers of skin to remove those damaged skin cells. You might experience redness, irritation and scabbing, but as your skin starts to heal the pain and discomfort will too. Dr. Singh will give you a cream or gel to use on the area to help relieve discomfort and promote healing.

How long will it take to heal from my chemical peel?

Your healing time depends on your specific treatment and the depth of your chemical peel. Regardless of the type of treatment you have received, remember to stay out of the sun for several weeks after your chemical peel. Before and after your treatment, we will check in with you to ensure you know what to expect, that the skin is healing nicely, and to watch for signs of infection or other issues.

  • For a superficial chemical peel, your skin might appear red and get a little scaly but should be back to normal in less than a week so you can enjoy your beautiful new skin.
  • For medium peels, expect to have red, swollen and crusting skin for a week or two. Soaking the skin and applying ointment and a mild skin cream will help the skin regenerate.
  • For a deep chemical peel, your skin might take up to three weeks to heal. The treated area will be bandaged and will require soaking and ointment for the first two weeks. After that, you can use a thick moisturizer to help hydrate your skin and promote healing.

Depending on the depth of your treatment, Dr. Singh might recommend that you avoid sun exposure for three to six months. In some cases, antiviral medication might be taken for the first week or two to keep out infection. You will come back into the clinic several times for follow-up appointments to monitor your process and make sure everything is healing nicely.

Can anyone have a chemical peel?

The short answer is no. Just like all advanced skin care treatments, not everyone is a good candidate for a chemical peel. Acne, fine lines, and minor scars might be reduced with a glycolic peel, but it is not ideal for those wanting to get rid of deep wrinkles and major skin sagging. CosMedics can recommend other advanced skin care treatments that would be more effective in those cases.

Unfortunately, the chemical peel procedure doesn’t work well on those with darker skin. Fair skinned patients are usually the best candidates. Chemical peels are also not recommended if you have a skin disease, broken skin, infections, sunburns or active cold sores. Dr. Singh might also ask you about any recent medication you’ve taken or skin care products you have used recently, if you are pregnant or nursing, or if you have any other skin conditions including eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, or dermatitis.

How do I get started?

If you’re interested in learning more about chemical peels, Edmonton CosMedics can answer all of your questions. Call us at 780-428-9333  or contact us to book a free consultation!

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    Dr. Singh is one of Canada’s most recognized injectors for injectable anti-aging cosmetic procedures. He is also a National Trainer for Allergan, the makers of Botox and Juvederm.

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