Photofacials (IPL)

Photofacials (IPL)

For sun damaged skin, age spots, uneven skin tone.

What is an IPL Photofacial?

Used to correct sun damaged skin, such as brown spots, uneven pigmentation, broken capillaries, blotchy skin, and rosacea.

Photofacials can be used to treat:

Any area, except directly around the eyes, can be treated quickly and safely. This includes the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, and legs.

If the body produces too much or too little melanin, it can cause skin discolorations. Photofacials can be effective at treating these pigmented patches or lesions, such as:

  • Brown spots, sun spots
  • Moles
  • Melasma
  • Vascular lesions – red or purple veins under the skin’s surface
  • Rosacea and broken capillaries

Some people address pigmentation concerns with medicines and creams, while others are seeking treatments for more dramatic results.

What to Expect During Your IPL Photofacial Treatment

The Photofacial treatment will seem simple and relatively comfortable (although most patients perceive a gentle “snapping” sensation). The pulsed light hand piece will be moved over your skin. This light will break up the pigment in the lesions

Before and After Care

  • Avoid sunlight
  • Discontinue use of retinol for 48 hours
  • No hot baths or showers
  • No excessive sweating

Risks/Common Side Effects

  • Hyper pigmentation
  • Swelling
  • Bruising
  • Redness

Most patients report some mild, temporary redness in the treated area shortly after the procedure. This does not interfere with normal activities and usually subsides within a day. Pigmented lesions will darken slightly after treatment and then fade over the course of 10 to 14 days. Visible veins generally immediately turn darker then fade away after 7 days, or immediately disintegrate*.