Botox FAQ

Is Botox safe during pregnancy?

Because no studies have been done to test the safety of Botox during pregnancy, for obvious ethical reasons, we recommend against this procedure in the interests of your baby’s well-being.

Do you take pictures so I can see the results of my Botox treatment before and after?

Yes, we have a state-of-the-art photography room with a Canfield Intellistudio camera system that takes precise before and after pics of your Botox treatment. Feel free to look through the website for some pictures that illustrate this.

Does a Botox treatment hurt?

No, it does not and most patients describe it similar to a quick pinch of the skin.

Do I need to take the day off work for my Botox treatment?

No, you absolutely do not need to take time off work and many patients come into the clinic during their lunch hour and return to work right after their Botox treatment.

Do you do any follow up appointments after a Botox treatment?

For first-time Botox patients, Dr. Singh would like to see you 2 weeks after the treatment just for a quick follow up appointment to make sure both are happy with the results.

How much will my Botox treatment cost?

There is no single answer for this question as the cost of Botox will be determined by how much Botox is required and the best way to answer this question is to come in for a free consultation with Dr. Singh.

Can I have a Botox and filler treatment performed the same day?

Yes, I it is safe to have your Botox treatment done the same day as your fillers, and in fact combination therapy with Botox helps give better and longer-lasting results.

Can someone be allergic to Botox?

 It is rare for someone to be allergic to Botox, sometimes a patient can be allergic to the stabilizers that are in the formulation for Botox.

Do all Botox injectors have the same training?

NO! Botox injectors can have a diverse amount of training from a weekend course to years of intensive training. CosMedics is an academic training centre that is recognized by multiple manufacturers including Allergan. Dr. Singh trains injectors from across Canada in the proper techniques and anatomy required to use Botox properly.

Want to read what people are saying about Botox treatment at CosMedics?

CosMedics was recently voted the #1 place in Edmonton for Botox.

It is true that you get what you pay for?

At CosMedics, we only use authentic Botox ordered directly from Allergan because we find the results are more natural and the effects are longer-lasting. This observation was made after extensively using other drugs in our clinic and eventually finding from your feedback and our observations, that Botox gave the best results. It is true that you pay for what you get!

Where is Botox made?

For the North American market, Botox is manufactured in Allergan’s facility in Irvine, California and for the European market, it is manufactured in Westport, Ireland. Dr.Singh has travelled to both of these facilities to study the Botox manufacturing and sterility process and he was extremely impressed. It gave him confidence that Allergan spared no expense in ensuring the highest quality in the production of its Botox.

I bring my own Botox as I have prescription coverage, are there any special instructions?

Yes, Botox needs to be stored in below-freezing temperatures so maintaining cold-storage during transportation is important or it will affect the efficiency of the Botox. If you are unsure, speak to your pharmacist to help with proper packaging or give us a phone call.

How long has Botox been used for?

Botox was first approved in 1989 and was the first one for Botulinum Type A approved for use in humans.

When should one start Botox? 

Like many things in life, it is easier to be preventative than it is to repair. For example, think about keeping your body in shape as it is easier and better for you to exercise regularly from a younger age then to let yourself go and then try and get back into shape when you are older. Your face is the same and since aging starts in the 30’s, if you are thinking about being preventative then starting Botox in your 20-30’s is a good decision.

I know friends who have had Botox and I don’t like the way it’s so obvious and they look fake. How can I avoid this from happening?

The key to obtaining a natural result is finding an experienced physician like Dr. Singh and clearly communicating what your goals are. His philosophy for Botox is that only 2 people should know that you had Botox: you and him. (Unless you tell your friends)

Do I need to repeat my Botox treatments?

Aging is a continuous and gradual process and like most good things in life, requires regular maintenance. Think about your beauty regimen and how often you have to do your nails, hair, lashes, etc. Botox is no different and needs to be incorporated as part of your regular routine for best results.

I have seen Botox advertised on the internet for much cheaper so why not just buy it from there?

Botox is a Schedule A drug that is regulated by Health Canada and can only be dispensed to licensed medical physicians. The “Botox” that you are referring to is counterfeit and this black market product is increasingly available in Canada so it’s important to make sure you are being treated with real Botox. Ask to see the bottle and packaging if you are ever unsure.

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