Tired of doing endless crunches?

We know bathing suit season is coming - So let's get you ready for it!

We have a solution!

    Emsculpt Neo

    The #1 bodysculpting treatment in Canada


    Are you tired of endless exercise that seems to make no difference on those stubborn fat cells? You can stop spending countless hours in the gym – and see results in as little as 4 thirty minute treatments!

    Be beach ready in 1 month!

    Say goodbye for flabby arms and start waving hello to toned and strong.

    Emsculpt Neo can be used to treat many body areas, arms included.

    Thought those abs were a thing of the past?

    You got’em and we’ll get them!

    What’s the number one complaint we hear?

    ABS! And we know it’s easy to give up on them.

    No more giving up with Emsculpt Neo!

    Meet the skinny on thunder thighs.

    Less fat and more muscle in one procedure?

    Yes please!

    We know that your time

    is valuable and that results MATTER!

    Our patients’ results are incredible,

    with an average of 30% fat loss and 20% increase in muscle. 

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      Get the body you want

      tomorrow, today.

      With one session equaling 20,000 crunches, an Emsculpt Neo treatment plan is all you need to reach those body goals.

      • Frustrated with that mommy tummy that won’t seem to budge?
      • Emsculpt Neo.
      • Seeing a saggy butt that won’t lift no matter how many squats you do?
      • Emsculpt Neo.
      • Want to stop those jiggly arms without becoming a full-blown bodybuilder?
      • Emsculpt Neo.
      • Want to save money on countless gym memberships and diets?
      • Emsculpt Neo.

      It’s the newest and most innovative body sculpting treatment to help Edmontonians get the body they want (without breaking a sweat!).


      Watch how Emsculpt Neo can help you look and feel better

      (and fit into those work clothes again)

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