• Filler Rhinoplasty Results Now Supported By 3D Imaging
    Filler Rhinoplasty Results Now Supported By 3D Imaging
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    Through the use of Injectable Fillers, the nose can be treated to correct mild imperfections such as lift a droopy tip, create a nose bridge or smooth out a visible bump. The biggest strength of Filler Rhinoplasty (or also referred to as a non-surgical nose job) is that it is minimally invasive and provides immediately visible results. Furthermore it can be done conveniently in the office setting without the downtime of surgery.

    Despite its temporary longevity, it is popular because it is simple, effective, and economical. Dr. Singh offers a “structured” nonsurgical Rhinoplasty approach using dermal fillers that can produce a comprehensive cosmetic enhancement of the nose *.

    “Structured” Filler Rhinoplasty allows a combined approach, correcting various components of the nose leading to a more holistic aesthetic enhancement. Despite the general understanding that filler injection provides immediate visible results, few studies have assessed the acute changes of the nose, until now.

    Recently 3D imaging has been developed to enable more precise evaluation of the nose after Filler Rhinoplasty. This revolutionary technique allows calculation of volume and topographic distances as well as the facial angles providing a more comprehensive understanding on the positive effects of this treatment. 3D imaging of patients that have received Filler Rhinoplasty has revealed that there were significant changes in the facial profile further supporting the effects of this treatment.

    In conclusion, the use of 3D imaging software technology has advanced our ability to analyze post procedural outcomes over 2D photographic technology.

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